EasyFlat Advantage levelling machine

From 300,000 €

The ideal levelling machine for all your sheet metal needs, from 3 to 15 mm thick!

  • Robust, expert machines
  • Optimization of your parcel and plate operations
  • Elimination of tension problems & level defects
  • Tailored to each specific need



EASYFLAT designs and manufactures levelling machines for sheet metal thicknesses from 3 to 15 mm. The “Advantage” range is based on EasyFlat's proven know-how and benefits from all its advantages.

  • In-depth knowledge of operating conditions
  • Complete control of manufacturing
  • Possibility of accessorising
  • Competent, responsive maintenance
  • Extended service


Simple, user-friendly numerical control


Precise counter-pressure adjustment

Mechanical bridge positioning

Streamlined, optimised machine • EasyFlat quality and service guarantee • Simplified maintenance (access to components) • Can be tested in levelling centres

Application example